What is Starrcast?

Starrcast is a wrestling convention unlike any other. There will be wrestling merchandise, memorabilia, photo ops, autographs, and everything else you would expect at a convention. The major difference is that Starrcast presents dozens of “stage shows” featuring live podcasts, roasts, stand up comedy, panel discussions on major moments in history, “Q&A” sessions, debates, and much more. You could also “cut a promo” with a famous announcer on what looked like an old television studio set or even do karaoke with your favorite wrestler. Starrcast also plans to continue the tradition of the “After Party” after a big event.

When is Starrcast?

Starrcast III’s live stage shows will begin on Thursday, August 29th and the event will wind down Sunday, September 1st.

When are “Meet & Greets” going to be made available?

Stay tuned to @StarrcastEvents on Twitter for live updates for all on-sale information but we expect Meet & Greets to be on sale before the end of February with announcements of “on sale dates” typically being Mondays at 8PM EST, Tuesdays at 8PM EST, and Fridays at Noon EST.

Do I need cash at Starrcast?

Yes. Most experiences will be sold via online ahead of the event, but many vendors and performers in the exhibitor space will have additional items available for purchase and it is typical in the wrestling space that cash is required. The venue will have ATMs on property but to avoid paying ATM fees, plan ahead to bring cash.

Will I need to have printed ‘proof of purchase at Starrcast?

Some fans will prefer to print the ‘proof of purchase’ but EventBrite will allow you online access so having a fully charged phone may make your life a little easier.

Does everyone attending need a photo ID?

In order to pick up your bracelets, you will be required to show a photo ID.

Are “Meet & Greet” photos and autographs included with the price of admission or a bracelet?

No. All Meet & Greets are sold separately.

What is "Orchestra Seating"?

We wanted to call this “ringside” but there won’t be a ring. The rows of seating nearest the stage will be reserved for Platinum Bracelets. Doors will open at the same time for everyone but security will be checking bracelets to verify that those who paid a premium get the premium seats.

I bought a Silver Bracelet last year. Can I buy that this year?

Our venue partner would prefer we not sell “SRO” or “Standing Room Only” tickets this year to avoid any potential fire code issues.

If I buy a bracelet am I guaranteed to meet my favorite Superstarr?

No. The bracelets guarantee a seat in the theaters for the live stage shows, panels, Q&As, etc. They also allow you the opportunity to purchase “Meet & Greets” ahead of the general public. Some talent will only be available for a certain amount of time each day, depending on their schedule. Bracelet holders will be notified of each “Meet & Greet” first and will be the first to have an opportunity to purchase the photo ops and autographs. For instance if Cody only has time to do 200 “Meet & Greets,” it’s likely all 200 will be sold online in advance of the event. We are doing this to avoid you buying a bracelet, waiting in line for two hours or more, and being told, “Sorry, Cody has to leave.” If you purchase a photo op before the event, you are guaranteed to get that photo op. Bracelet holders will receive notice of all “Official Meet & Greets” in advance of everyone else.

Does my bracelet include pictures with wrestlers?

No. Your bracelet includes a seat for many stage events and the first chance to purchase meet and greets. Every wrestler will set their own prices for pictures and autographs. Every wrestler will also have a different schedule. Stay tuned to Starrcast.com and follow us on Twitter, @StarrcastEvents, for updates.

Can I buy a General Admission pass and meet the stars of Double or Nothing?

Many Meet & Greets will sell out to Bracelet Holders before being made available to General Admission pass holders. This is a function of the Superstars’ schedule more than anything else. Other Superstar Meet & Greets are available to purchase to anyone with General Admission. Weekend Passes for those will be available for $69, which covers all four days. If you need a single day, it’s $25 in person, day of, cash only. ATMs are on site.

Do I get any perks for staying at one the official hotel?

Yes, a discounted room rate based on our staff negotiating a “group rate.” You will also notice that the customary “daily resort fee” has been waived for Starrcast guests at many hotels.

Is there a discount being offered to Bracelet Holders?


Is the “Official After Party” hosted by SCU included with my bracelet?

No. This is a separate event. You must be 21 to enter. VIP is expected to sell out quickly.

Are scalpers going to be selling the Platinum and Gold bracelets?

No. The bracelets are only being delivered at the actual event, not in advance. You’ll have to show proof of purchase and a photo ID to receive those bracelets.

If I purchase a Bracelet, I’m guaranteed a seat to everything right?

No. There are two stages and enough Gold Bracelets are available to fill each theater beyond the Reserved Orchestra Seating for Platinum Bracelet holders. Platinum Bracelets enjoy the best seats in the house, “ringside” if you will. However, between both stages there is enough seating to insure that Gold will have access to a seat an event at all times.

If I’m not guaranteed a seat, why I would purchase a General Admission?

To meet the many wrestlers signing autographs, taking photos, and selling merchandise on the convention floor. General Admission does not get to attend the stage shows.

How can I insure I have access to absolutely everything?

Platinum VIP Bracelet holders will enjoy “priority access” to everything. One stage has fewer seats than the other so Platinum VIP bracelet holders get to pick which event they want to attend before anyone else and are guaranteed to have access to great seats.

Once I have a bracelet, can I leave and come back?

Yes, the bracelets allow you to come and go as you please. Re-entry is allowed at any time provided you have the bracelet on.

What if I take my bracelet off?

You’re ALL OUT. Do not remove your bracelet for any reason. Our security team will not honor bracelets that have been removed, cut, or tampered with.

If I just have a General Admission pass, can I leave and come back?

Yes. General Admission will only have access to the Common Areas and Vendor Rooms, but re-entry into that space is allowed.

Why should I buy a General Admission Weekend Pass instead of one day?

The wrestlers will arrive at different times over the weekend. Some wrestlers will only be available to attend the event for a single day. If you buy a day pass for Friday but your favorite guy is only there Saturday, you missed him. But if you get a Weekend Pass, you can come and go every day.

How can I get exhibitor’s space for my business?

Send those inquiries to info@starrcast.com

How can I get “Press Passes” to Starrcast?

We are not issuing press passes at this time.

Can I interview the wrestlers ahead of Starrcast?

No. We do not act as “agent” for any wrestling personality.

How can I be a sponsor at Starrcast?

Send those inquiries to sales@starrcast.com

Is the venue ADA compliant?


May I bring my child with me?

Yes, but the stage events are not PG. TV-14 to MA is more accurate any time there is a live mic around one of our stage events. Children younger than 8-years-old enjoy free admission.

How do I get a refund?

Sorry, no refunds

How many people can I bring for my Meet & Greet?

One. Some “Official Meet & Greets” have a limited edition print, an autograph, and a photograph with your phone. You only receive one print and one autograph but your one picture can be with one other person in the photo for a total of two people. If you’d like a photo with three people, you will need to purchase an additional Meet & Greet pass.

I bought two Meet & Greet passes at the same time, can I do both?

Yes you can. The “Official Meet & Greets” will be in the same area for the most part so you’ll be able to finish one line and get in the other very quickly and easily.

Why is Platinum so much more expensive?

Platinum will receive reserved “orchestra seating” -- meaning the rows nearest to the stage -- for all shows. The stage shows, if sold separately would be $20-100 each. There are over 20 of those events and Platinum receives premiere seating for each, an incredible value. Plus Platinum will enjoy“first opportunity” to purchase many of our very limited VIP Experiences when they go on sale.

If purchase the show on FITE.tv, do I have to watch it live?

No. FITE.tv has all of the shows both live and on-demand with unlimited replays. Visit www.FITE.tv/Starrcast for more details.

Can I purchase individual shows on FITE?

No. Individual shows are not available for purchase.

Who can answer a question about my travel plans?

Send those inquiries to travel@starrcast.com

What is Podcast Movement?

Podcast Movement is the world's largest conference for podcasters, by podcasters. Learn more about their mission and 2019 convention at podcastmovement.com.

How can I feature my podcast at Starrcast?

Stay tuned to @PodcastMovement on Twitter for more details.

Where is Starrcast?

Starrcast III will be happening where the first Starrcast took place! The Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, Chicago! Be sure to visit the HOTELS section of our website for accomodations!

What is the "official" hotel for Starrcast?

The 'official' hotel of Starrcast III is the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg. You can check on accodmodation availability (with partner deals) through the ' HOTELS' section of our website!