Starrcast FAQ

Are “Meet & Greet” photos and autographs included with the price of the Platinum, Gold, or Silver Bracelets?
No. All “Official Meet & Greets” will be listed for sale in the coming month with a clear day, time, and price for what is available. Only those with a bracelet will have access to areas where these “Meet & Greets” will happen (Main Stage and/or Pavilion). The $59 Silver Bracelet will get you access to all of these rooms during Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but “Official Meet & Greets” will be listed for sale online in advance of the event with Platinum VIP having the opportunity to purchase those before anyone else.

Can I buy a General Admission ticket and meet the stars of ALL IN?
No. The ALL IN talent will only be available for pictures and autographs as part of our “Official Meet & Greets” in the larger rooms (Main Stage and/or Pavilion). You will need to purchase a bracelet ($59 or higher) in order to purchase these photo ops, attend Elite Karaoke, the Weigh Ins, Old Timer’s Breakfast, etc. ALL IN talent will not have photo ops and autographs for sale in the Vendor Room. However, many legends and Hall of Famers will be available for photo ops and autographs in the Vendor Room and Common Areas throughout the weekend.

If I buy the $59 Silver Bracelet, am I guaranteed to meet Cody and the Bucks?
No. Some talent will only be available for a certain amount of time each day, depending on their schedule. Platinum VIP Bracelet holders will be notified of each “Meet & Greet” first and will be the first to have an opportunity to purchase the photo ops and autographs. For instance if Cody only has time to do 200 “Meet & Greets,” it’s likely all 200 will be sold online in advance of the event. We are doing this to avoid you buying a bracelet, waiting in line for two hours or more, and being told, “Sorry, Cody has to leave.” If you purchase a photo op before the event, you are guaranteed to get that photo op. Platinum, Gold, and Silver Bracelet holders will receive notice of all “Official Meet & Greets” in advance of everyone else, and in that order with Platinum having first opportunity.

Does my bracelet include pictures with wrestlers in the Vendor Room?
No. Every wrestler will set their own prices for pictures and autographs. Every wrestler will also have a different schedule. Stay tuned to Starrcast.com and follow us on Twitter, @Starrcast18, for updates. As we confirm the wrestler’s schedules we will make those times available in the coming weeks and then offer your opportunity to do purchase photo ops and autographs in advance of the event to insure you get your chance to do meet him or her. Of course many wrestlers will still offer additional pictures and autographs at their booth in the Vendor Room or in the Common Areas. The ALL IN talent will not be in the Vendor Room.

Do I get any perks for staying at the hotel?
Yes. You’ll receive a small token of our appreciate upon check-in. Hyatt Regency guest will enjoy a free breakfast on Monday morning, have exclusive first access to buy photo ops in the Vendor Room and Common Areas before they’re available to the general public, and you’ll enjoy access to purchase tickets to a private party where both Legends and members of The Elite will be in attendance (stay tuned for details in June and July!).  

How does the “15% off” perk of the Platinum VIP Bracelet work?
All wrestlers and vendors in the “Vendor Room” have agreed to offer a 15% discount to Platinum VIP bracelet holders for their goods and services. So a “photo op” purchased in-person that weekend would be eligible for the 15% discount.  This discount also applies to the “Official Meet & Greets” purchased in person over the weekend. The discount will not apply to online purchases, only at the actual event while wearing the Platinum bracelet.

How many Platinum and Gold Bracelets are being made available?
400 Platinum, 600 Gold.

Is the DDP Yoga Workshop included in the Platinum VIP ticket cost?
No. The DDP Yoga Workshop is available for purchase to everyone including the general public.  DDP Yoga Workshop attendees will be able to enter the space without going through the Starrcast convention. The DDP Yoga Workshop is a tremendous value at only $69!  That includes your chance to work out with DDP, a selfie, and much more.  Space is limited so we expect this attraction to sell out. Hurry to bit.ly/DDPALLIN

Is the cost of breakfast included with my ticket on Sunday?
No. The Old Timer’s Breakfast is not included with any ticket and will be made available for an additional purchase in the coming weeks. Platinum VIP Bracelet holders will receive first opportunity to purchase these tickets as seating is very limited.

Are scalpers going to be selling the Platinum and Gold bracelets?
No. The bracelets are only being delivered at the actual event, not in advance. You’ll have to show proof of purchase and a photo ID to receive those bracelets.

If I purchase a Bracelet, I’m guaranteed a seat to everything right?
No. Platinum VIP will be seated first for every event. Ten minutes prior to the event starting, Gold will be seated. Some events will have more interest than others and seating is limited. However, between the Main Stage and the Pavilion there is enough seating to insure that Gold will have access to a seat an event at all times. Platinum will receive their choice first at every event. Silver bracelet holders will have access to all events but very likely will be “Standing Room Only” for many stage events based on limited seating.

How can I insure I have access to absolutely everything?
Platinum VIP Bracelet holders will enjoy “priority access” to everything. The Pavilion has fewer seats than the Main Stage so Platinum VIP bracelet holders get to pick which event they want to attend before anyone else and are guaranteed to have access to the first seating. Official Meet & Greets, Old Timer’s Breakfast, etc. will be offered to Platinum VIP Bracelet holders ahead of all other ticket holders. If you want to have a chance to do everything and meet everyone, buy Platinum VIP.

Once I have a bracelet, can I leave and come back?
Yes, the bracelets allow you to come and go as you please. Re-entry is allowed at any time provided you have the bracelet on.

What if I take my bracelet off?
You’re ALL OUT. Do not remove your bracelet for any reason. Our security team will not honor bracelets that have been removed, cut, or tampered with.

If I just have a General Admission ticket, can I leave and come back?
Yes. General Admission will only have access to the Common Areas and Vendor Rooms, but re-entry into that space is allowed. 

Why should I buy a General Admission Weekend Pass instead of one day?
The wrestlers will arrive at different times over the weekend. Some wrestlers will only be available to attend the event for a single day. If buy a day pass for Friday but your favorite guy is only there Saturday, you missed him. But if you get a Weekend Pass, you can come and go every day. 

Will there be buses to ProWrestlingTees and ALL IN?
Bus transfers are not included in any ticket or for any hotel guest.  We are working closely with a few bus vendors to provide all hotel guests and convention ticket holders access to purchase bus tickets directly through the bus companies to get to Sears Centre for ALL IN. At no point will you pay Starrcast for a bus transfer of any sort. All hotel guests and convention ticket holders will receive emails with links to purchase transportation directly from those vendors should arrangements be made available. We have also notified Uber, Lyft, and taxi services in the area about our event to service the needs of our guests. Should we be able to secure “flat rates” or “promo codes” for these services, that information will be made available at Starrcast.com. ProWrestlingTees has elected to not pursue the bus option at this time for any of their events.

If I’m not guaranteed a seat, why I would purchase a Silver bracelet?
Your only chance to meet the stars of ALL IN is to purchase a bracelet and Silver is the most effective way to do that. Many fans won’t even be in town Thursday night to attend the “Official Meet & Greet” for Cody & the Young Bucks so this is a particularly good idea to purchase the Silver bracelet. Friday will be a very long day and most fans will not be at the convention the entire time. The bracelets allow you to come and go as you please. Some fans will arrive late, leave early, head to ProWrestlingTees, etc. and that will allow Silver bracelet holders an opportunity to sit in some of these events.

If I missed my chance to buy tickets to ALL IN, how can I watch it?
Stay tuned. Buf if any arrangements are announced, Platinum will receive first access followed by Gold and Silver bracelet holders.

Will Omega, Okada, or Mysterio be doing photo ops at Starrcast?
We are not done announcing talent that will be appearing at Starrcast however the only way to have access to ALL IN talent for photo ops is to purchase a bracelet to gain access to the “Official Meet & Greets.” Even a $59 Silver Bracelet will gain access to those rooms, but all “Official Meet & Greets” will be offered to Platinum first, then Gold, followed by Silver.

How can I get exhibitor’s space in the Vendor Room?
Send those inquiries to info@starrcast.com

How can I get “Press Passes” to Starrcast?
Send those inquiries to info@starrcast.com

How can I feature my podcast at Starrcast?
Send those inquiries to info@starrcast.com

Can I interview the wrestlers ahead of Starrcast?
Send those inquiries to info@starrcast.com

Is the venue ADA compliant?
Yes, the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg is fully ADA compliant however there is only one wheelchair on property and it cannot be utilized for an extended period of time. If you require a wheelchair, you will need to provide your own. The hotel has 16 ADA room and four of those have “roll-in” showers. Contact the hotel for more details.

May I bring my child with me?
Yes, but the stage events are not PG. TV-14 to MA is more accurate any time there is a live mic around one of our stage events at the Main Stage or the Pavilion. Children younger than 8-years-old enjoy free admission. 

How do I get a refund?
We are not offering refunds at this time, however if you do need to “send someone in your place” please contact info@starrcast.comso we can arrange a transfer to another guest. We are not going to promote or allow this activity in a “scalper” situation with an inflated secondary market price increase. But if you have a family or work situation and work it out with your buddy to attend, those might be permitted as a “one off.”

How many people can I bring for my Meet & Greet?
One. Some “Official Meet & Greets” have a limited edition print, an autograph, and a photograph with your phone. You only receive one print and one autograph but your one picture can be with one other person in the photo for a total of two people. If you’d like a photo with three people, you will need to purchase an additional Meet & Greet ticket.

I bought two Meet & Greet tickets at the same time, can I do both?
Yes you can. The “Official Meet & Greets” will be in the same area for the most part so you’ll be able to finish one line and get in the other very quickly and easily.